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6th Health Policy Workshop

Den Haag
201 Algemeen

Details evenement

26 november 2014
12:30 uur
Den Haag
NZa, CPB en Tilec
+31 13466 8789

Program 6th Health Policy Workshop: Hospital Governance

On Wednesday November 26th 2014, CPB, NZa and Tilec organize the sixth Health Policy Workshop on the topic "How can we keep treatments for small groups of patients affordable?”

Currently, the best known examples of such treatments for small groups of patients are so-called orphan drugs. Another example is personalized medicine which in the future will become more and more important. This creates small groups of patients using a particular treatment designed especially for them even for diseases that are, in fact, quite common.

Health care markets/governments appear to have substantial difficulties in keeping the prices for such treatments with small patient populations low. The price per unit of health gain (say, qualy gained) are often way beyond what is usually deemed acceptable. This does not bode well for the introduction of personalized medicine.
In this workshop we discuss how things are currently organized in the Netherlands and other countries. Why is it so hard to impose a maximum cost per qualy of, say, 100.000 euro? Why does this problem surface especially for orphan drugs? Can small changes to the current system of cost effectiveness analysis solve this problem? Can we learn from the way this is organized in other countries?

Or is more radical change needed? For instance, because a government is never able to deny its citizens a treatment that is available but happens to be expensive? Is the declaration of Helsinki an alternative route? Then the clause can be added that pharmaceutical companies are only allowed to run medical experiments for new treatments if they commit to a "reasonable price" once the treatment is commercialized. Can this help to contain costs of treatments for small groups? Can the Netherlands introduce this on its own or should this be done in a European context?

12:45-13:15 Welcome, coffee and tea
13:15-14:15 Marcel Dijkgraaf, title presentation tba
14:15-14:30 break
14:30-15:30 Dick van Bekkum, title presentation tba
15:30-16:00 break
16:00-17:00 Marc Pomp, title presentation tba
17:00 Drinks

The meeting will be conducted in English.